Navigating Excellence

App Guideline

How to navigate the apps? Follow these steps to schedule our services.

Step 1.

Register via the applications page provided here.

Step 2.

Provide the necessary details and click the “sign up” button to continue.

Step 3.

This serves as the apps’ main page. Navigate to the “Me” profile by selecting the bottom right corner of the apps.

Step 4.

Tap the “add” button located at the bottom right corner of the apps to input a new address.

Step 5.

Select “Use current location” to identify the closest location for bookmarking. Afterwards, click “submit” to secure the location.

Step 6.

Click the “Book Now” button.

Step 7.

Choose “Book Now” for either Home Cleaning or Office Cleaning.

Step 8.

Review the “privacy policy” and check the empty box. Afterward, check the available timeslot at the bottom of the apps.

Step 9.

Verify the open slot and click the “Book Now” button for your preferred time slot.

Step 10.

Verify the booking slots before clicking the “Make Payment” button.

Step 11.

Select your preferred payment method and proceed with the payment using the “Make Payment” button below.

There are many cleaning services available but
Why choose Antz Services ?

There are indeed numerous cleaning services out there, but when it comes to selecting one, why go for Antz Services? Opt for Antz Services to elevate your cleaning experience with unparalleled convenience and reliability. With years of expertise, our committed team provides exceptional, customizable services for both residential and commercial spaces. We put customer satisfaction at the forefront and adhere to eco-friendly practices.

What makes us stand out? Our mobile-ready platform ensures a seamless scheduling and management experience for cleaning services, allowing you to do it with ease, anytime and anywhere. Antz Services is fully insured and bonded, offering not just a sparkling clean but also the peace of mind you can rely on